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Powerful local search tool with remote access to indexed content. The Windows Search appliance has always been accused of being slow, inaccurate, and in use. Therefore, it may be a good idea to replace it with another local search engine.

Anything can be the replacement you are looking for. This simple and fast tool indexes absolutely everything on your hard drive (hence the name) and adds them to an ever growing database that you can search by keywords as if you were using the normal search function ({ (‘application page-desktop) function’);});

The program is blazingly fast in all aspects: installing, indexing content, and viewing results. It also doesn’t use system resources like other similar apps. Another difference between Allt and other local search tools is that Allt allows you to configure an HTTP server that makes all indexed content available online.

On the one hand, this is a practical feature because you can access your files from other computers or share them with your friends: on the other hand, it raises privacy concerns, especially because there is no has no way to filter what is indexed and what is not, and no system to control who has access to an HTTP server.

Everything is a very fast and simple local search tool that makes Windows a good replacement for the default search box, but unfortunately you have no control over what the program indexes.

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